Our Mission at Novelty Lei is to share my passion by creating a Lei, Floral design arrangement, wreath or special event for every occasion.


Originally from Hawaii,  I've always had a passion for the beauty of Leis, Floral arrangements and Wreaths.  When attending family gatherings with my aunts, cousins and friends at an early age, creating a Lei, Floral arrangement and wreaths was always something you did together and gave before going to an event or for someone very special to you.


In Hawaiian giving a Lei, Floral arrangement or Holiday wreath during the Holidays is a token of Friendship.  Showing a sign to your loved one that this is something hand-made and very special to you.


Although I left Hawaii and now reside in the Bay Area, this is important to me to share with you.


If you have any questions please email me

Noveltylei.com is a Hi'iaka Company,  San Francisco, CA


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A Lei is always an appropriate gift. Given to show love, joy, sympathy and as a greeting or farewell.


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